NFCA Coaching Endorsements 

Softball Coaching Endorsements

What is an NFCA Endorsed Coach?

The NFCA recognizes coaches who have a vested interest in hitting and pitching and are committed to their personal and professional growth. If coaches further their softball coaching skills through NFCA-sponsored hitting or pitching education, an official NFCA coaching endorsement certificate will be earned.

How do I become an NFCA Endorsed Coach?

Attend three pitching- or hitting-specific courses in a four-year period. Current courses listed below.

How do I renew my endorsement after the ‘initial’ endorsement is earned?

Endorsements must be "renewed" by taking at least one applicable NFCA educational course National Fastpitch Coaches College (NFCC) course, Pre-Convention seminar, or through select video bundles (as noted below) a minimum of once every three years. Every year will have at least one endorsement-eligible course offered in both hitting and pitching.

Courses taken between 2019 and 2022 can be applied to coaches wishing to earn their endorsements.


NFCA Courses That Qualify 

NFCA Pitching Endorsement


2024 Virtual Coaches Clinic: Intro to Pitching (linklink)

2023 National Convention - Louisville, KY (linklink)

2023 NFCC 402 A (Louisville)

2023 Creating a Complementary Pitching Staff (Pre-Convention) - Louisville, KY

2022 National Convention - San Antonio (link)link)
2022 NFCA Pitching Endorsement Bundle (linklink);
* Only ONE of the above two may be used for Endorsement credit

2022 Eligible Education: NFCC 410 (San Antonio)

2021 Eligible Pitching Education: National Convention - Las Vegas (linklink)

2021 Eligible Pitching Education: NFCC 402A (Las Vegas)

2021 Eligible Pitching Education: Virtual Video Bundle (linklink)

2020 Eligible Pitching Education: NFCA Virtual Convention (linklink)




NFCA Hitting Endorsement


2023 National Convention - Louisville, KY (linklink)

2023 NFCC 402B (Louisville)

2022 Eligible Hitting Education: National Convention - San Antonio (linklink)
2022 NFCA Hitting Endorsement Bundle (linklink);
*Only ONE of the above two may be used for Endorsement credit

2022 Creating a High-Powered Offense (Pre-Convention) - San Antonio (linklink)

2022 Eligible Hitting Education: NFCC 405 - San Antonio

2021 Eligible Hitting Education: National Convention - Las Vegas (linklink)

2021 Eligible Hitting Education: NFCC 402B (Las Vegas)

2021 Eligible Hitting Education: Virtual Video Bundle (linklink)

2020 Eligible Hitting Education: NFCA Virtual Convention (linklink)




If a coach earns an NFCA endorsement but does not renew within the three-year window, the coach will need to accrue three courses in a four-year period to regain the endorsement.

  • NFCA Coaches Clinic attendance does not count towards NFCA endorsements.
  • Endorsement credits expire three years from their initial offering.
    • For example, if an online package published in 2020 is used to earn endorsement status in 2022, that course will only be valid through 2024, despite being purchased in 2022.

The NFCA will send dated certificates via email to all endorsed hitting and pitching coaches. A new certificate will be sent each time a coach attends a class that renews their endorsement.

Interested in taking your endorsement a step further? Become an NFCC four-star master coach!

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