Want more education? Try a course or a seminar at the 2019 NFCA Convention. There are three National Fastpitch Coaches College (NFCC) courses and two Pre-Convention seminars available.

These courses and seminars are NOT included in the Convention registration fee.

National Fastpitch Coaches College (NFCC)

For more information about the courses, instructors and how to register click on the button below.

NFCC 403: Position Play and Indvidual Defensive Skills (Dec. 3-4)

Learn from three of the best defensive coaches in the game today! The emphasis of this course is placed on how to analyze, teach, and drill all the defensive skills required to play fastpitch softball at a high level.

  • Study the mechanics of throwing, fielding, receiving and footwork that is needed to play the game
  • Identify and break down the skills required to play each defensive position
  • Accumulate a progression of teaching techniques and drills that will improve team and player efficiency

Instructors: Larissa Anderson (Missouri), Megan Smith (Marshall), Bonnie Tholl (Michigan)

NFCC 401: From Surviving to Thriving: Unlock Your Coaching Potential (Dec. 3-4)

In the current climate of athletics, coaches are dealing with more off-the-field issues than ever before. Come learn effective coaching strategies to navigate today’s athletic departments, parents, and student-athletes.

  • Discover how your coaching style can have maximum impact on your athletes
  • Gain a better understanding of your players -- why they act the way they do and how to predict their responses
  • Improve your effectiveness in dealing with recurring issues like playing time, teamwork, discipline, confidence, slumps and change
  • Learn to better manage team meetings, conflict and negativity
  • Identify fatal coaching flaws and discuss how to fix them

Instructors: Cindy Bristow (UC Riverside), Rhonda Revelle (Nebraska)
Guest Instructors: Pat Conlan (Georgetown), Samantha Ekstrand (NFCA Legal Counsel), Gretta Melsted (Augustana), Karen Weekly (Tennessee) 

NFCC 402B: Advanced Analysis of Hitting & Short-Game Skills (Dec. 7-8) 

This course will enhance your ability to understand, analyze and teach selected fundamental individual skills on the offensive side of the ball. Two days of in-depth information will be delivered by instructors who are some of the best offensive minds in the country.

  • Study the mechanics of hitting, bunting and slapping
  • Examine skills through video and photo analysis
  • Evaluate faults and fixes with live batters
  • Learn coaching cues and drills to improve your batters’ and short gamers’ fundamental skills working hands-on with live batters 

Instructors: Chris Malveaux (Missouri), Sam Marder (Texas Tech), Samantha Ricketts (Mississippi State)

Pre-Convention Seminars

You can sign up for a pre-convention seminar when you register for Convention.

Pitch Perfect: Set 'Em Up & Sit 'em Down! (Dec. 4)

Have you ever wanted pitching education that truly takes a deep dive into individual pitch development? Have you ever wondered what specific drills you could use to increase speed, enhance spin, and improve accuracy for those same pitches? Trisha Ford (Arizona State), Kyla Holas (More Than a Game), Stephanie VanBrakle Prothro (Alabama) and Michelle Gascoigne (Northwestern) have you covered from start to finish with this seminar on the drop, rise, curve, and change-up. It’s time to get even more out of your pitching staff!

Assistant Coach University (Dec. 4)

Get some great ideas on how you can build trust, manage conflict and invest in your growth with this three-hour session with Celia Slater (True North Sports). She will lead a discussion of trust — what it is, and how to build it — and provide an opportunity to learn basic skills to help you move through conflicts, and find ways to grow using feedback as a tool. The seminar will share ideas and direct you to resources to help build trust with your team, provide a step-by-step process to plan for confrontational discussions, and show you how to “bridge the gap” that sometimes exists between coaches, their supervisors, their staff, and student-athletes.

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