First Team                

Pitcher -- Sara DeAngelis, LIU-C.W. Post

Pitcher -- Marnie Sundberg, Le Moyne

Pitcher -- Sherran Wilson, Dowling

Catcher -- Kristine Botto, Massachusetts-Lowell

Catcher -- Lisa Jusino, Adelphi

First Base -- Cheryl Cosenzo, Queens (NY)   

Second Base -- Amy Phillips, Le Moyne

Third Base -- Mindy Scala, Southern Connecticut State

Shortstop -- Katie Morgis, Merrimack

Outfield -- Tricia Andrews, Merrimack

Outfield -- Laurie Del Grego, Assumption

Outfield -- Kimberly Logana, LIU-C.W. Post

Outfield -- Kim Pedersen, Dowling

Designated Player -- Danielle Bretton, Massachusetts-Lowell

Utility -- Becky Regula, Massachusetts-Lowell


Second Team

Pitcher -- Meghan Condon, Merrimack

Pitcher -- Nicole Haeseler, American International

Pitcher -- Lauren Wells, Queens (NY)

Catcher -- Nicole Franebino, New York Tech

Catcher -- Emily Senko, Le Moyne

First Base -- Lana Garzone, Merrimack

Second Base -- Maureen Callahan, American International

Third Base -- Heather Faria, Merrimack_Shortstop -- Amber Gagnon, Massachusetts-Lowell

Outfield -- Kathy Blake, Queens (NY)

Outfield -- Cheri Pearce, Adelphi

Outfield -- Stacey Silva, Southern Connecticut State

Designated Player -- Krista Lovejoy, Dowling

Utility -- Janelle Kern, Southern Connecticut State



First Team_Pitcher -- Amber Cowher, Bloomsburg

Pitcher -- Kristin Godlesky, Indiana (Pa.)

Pitcher -- Rose Walsh, California Univ. of PA

Catcher -- Stacie Miller, Lock Haven Univ.

Catcher -- Brenna Eck, Shippensburg Univ.

Utility -- Courtney Krueg, California Univ. of PA

Des. Player -- Jamie DeShong, Indiana University of PA_

First Base - Tara Trabosh, Lock Haven Univ.

Second Base - Gabrielle Rendon, California Univ. of PA

Third Base -- Vanessa Sterner, Bloomsburg Univ.

Shortstop -- Erica Miller, Bloomsburg Univ.

Outfield -- Lisa Mull, Bloomsburg Univ.

Outfield -- Jessica Shnyder, Bloomsburg Univ.

Outfield -- Kristen Heslop, California Univ. of PA


Second Team_Pitcher -- Kellie Evans, Kutztown University_Pitcher -- Kerri Cooper, Bloomsburg Univ._Pitcher -- Nicole Brunt, Shippensburg Univ.

Catcher -- Laura Bogosto, California Univ. of PA

Catcher -- Sarah Betke, Mansfield University

Utility -- Sandy Smith, Shippensburg Univ.

Des. Player -- Casey Dixon, East Stroudsburg Univ.

First Base -- Beverly Bauer, Indiana University of PA_Second Base -- Heather Currie, Millersville Univ.

Third Base -- Amanda George, Shippensburg Univ.

Shortstop -- Hollie Stover, Shippensburg Univ.

Outfield -- Kristy Gestl, Kutztown Univ.

Outfield -- Angela Hileman, Indiana University of PA_

Outfield -- Amy Baughman, Shippensburg Univ.



First Team

Pitcher -- Lisa Macki, Kennesaw State

Pitcher -- Gina Ripper, North Florida

Pitcher -- Annie Sells, Armstrong Atlantic State

Catcher -- Blake Baskin, Kennesaw State

Catcher -- Laurie Niego, Francis Marion

First Base -- Cathy Jester, North Florida

Second Base -- Kelly Lee, North Florida

Third Base -- Staci Fish, Carson-Newman

Shortstop -- Krissy Bamford, Kennesaw State

Outfield -- Jessica Addison, USC Spartanburg

Outfield -- Amanda Fancher, Kennesaw State

Outfield -- Laura Rudnick, Wingate

Designated Player -- Kaylene Fountain, Coker

Utility -- Ashley Tomlinson, Lander


Second Team

Pitcher -- Catrina Crisp, Queens (NC)

Pitcher -- Erica Holstein, Coker

Pitcher -- Marci Mitchell, Carson-Newman

Catcher -- Melissa Barrett, Belmont Abbey

Catcher -- Angela Whittaker, Wingate

First Base -- Tara Stegall, Francis Marion

Second Base -- Nikki Scholer, Kennesaw State

Third Base -- Chanel Gonzales, USC Spartanburg

Shortstop -- Katrina Leverett, Augusta State

Outfield -- Breon Michel, Armstrong Atlantic State

Outfield -- Ginger Miller, Francis Marion

Outfield -- Amanda Stefanski, Queens (NC)

Designated Player -- Lindsey Henson, Belmont Abbey

Utility -- Becky Kirkman, Limestone



First Team

Pitcher -- Keltie Christian, Florida Southern

Pitcher -- Lane Davis, Alabama-Huntsville

Pitcher -- Krissy Styrna, West Florida

Catcher -- April Elston, Florida Southern

Catcher -- Renea Harrison, Alabama-Huntsville

Catcher -- Lacy Sermon, Lincoln Memorial

First Base -- Tina Savage, Rollins

Second Base -- Melanie Carter, Alabama-Huntsville

Third Base -- Kristi Braverman, Alabama-Huntsville

Shortstop -- Audrey Williams, Alabama-Huntsville

Outfield -- Stephanie Berry, Alabama-Huntsville

Outfield -- Stephanie Hollis, Arkansas-Monticello

Outfield -- Heidi Martin, Arkansas-Monticello

Designated Player -- Lindsay Rhodes, Barry

Utility -- Desiree Croteau, Saint Leo


Second Team

Pitcher -- Christy Exizian, Tampa

Pitcher -- Lindsey Kight, Arkansas-Monticello

Pitcher -- Alana Klaus, Lynn

Pitcher -- Niki Miller, Lincoln Memorial

Catcher -- Destini Robinson, West Florida

Catcher -- Dawn Wallace, Tampa

First Base -- Valerie Cardinale, Lynn

Second Base -- Suelyn Wirth, Rollins

Third Base -- Sabrina Price, Saint Leo

Shortstop -- Julie Bowen, Arkansas-Monticello

Outfield -- Jamie Jackson, Mississippi University for Women

Outfield -- Jennie Manz, Lynn

Outfield -- Jackie Pavone, Florida Southern

Outfield -- Nancy Rosado, West Florida

Designated Player -- Mindy Miller, Lincoln Memorial

Utility -- Lindsay Ellingsworth, Valdosta State



First Team

Pitcher -- Amber Castonguay, Grand Valley State

Pitcher -- Heather Ford, Gannon

Pitcher -- Kim Mackinson, Lewis

Catcher -- Kelly Clay, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville

Catcher -- Julie Weir, Ashland

First Base -- Beth Berry, Wayne State

Second Base -- Valerie McCoy, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville

Third Base -- Erin Newman, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville

Shortstop -- Mandy Uhrhan, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville

Outfield -- Kelly Burt, Grand Valley State

Outfield -- Kelly Kashmerick, Wayne State

Outfield -- Carrie Mach, Wisconsin-Parkside

Designated Player -- Alicia Longstreth, Ashland

Utility -- Rachel Bowling, Southern Indiana


Second Team

Pitcher -- Amanda Fitzgerald, Wisconsin-Parkside

Pitcher -- Adriene Mertz, West Virginia Wesleyan

Pitcher -- Josie Nelson, Ashland

Catcher -- Bobbi Conner, Grand Valley State

Catcher -- Jennifer Hunt, Bellarmine

First Base -- Sarah Kane, Gannon

Second Base -- Amanda Driscoll, Lewis

Third Base -- Erin Burgess, Grand Valley State

Shortstop -- Rhonda Matoska, Wisconsin-Parkside

Outfield -- Rayner Bakivnas, West Virginia Wesleyan

Outfield -- Sandy Nevy, Kentucky Wesleyan

Outfield -- Nicole Vine, Southern Indiana

Designated Player -- Brienne Rosenberg, Grand Valley State

Utility -- Jill Karwoski, Lewis



First Team

Pitcher -- Julie Fromm, North Dakota State

Pitcher -- Jennifer hulsapple, Truman State

Pitcher -- Michelle Manthei, Nebraska-Omaha

Catcher -- Kristi Bredbenner, Truman State

Catcher -- Shelly Rhein, North Dakota State

First Base -- Tiffany Jones, Nebraska-Omaha

Second Base -- Jenny Bakke, North Dakota State

Third Base -- Lindsay Mutcheson, St. Cloud State

Shortstop -- Elizabeth Economon, Truman State

Outfield -- Chrissa Landwehr, Augustana (SD)

Outfield -- Kelly Moats, Nebraska-Omaha

Outfield -- Jenny Redlinger, Nebraska-Omaha

Designated Player -- Jennifer Carson, Nebraska-Omaha

Utility -- Jenny Hill, Augustana (SD)_         


Second Team

Pitcher -- Britany Hargis, Missouri Southern State

Pitcher -- Keri Harris, Missouri Southern State

Pitcher -- Krista Unger, Nebraska-Omaha

Catcher -- Paula Baker, Missouri Southern State

Catcher -- Tiffany Davis, South Dakota

First Base -- Brooke Gentzler, St. Cloud State

Second Base -- Molli Laing, Morningside

Third Base -- Katie Kimball, Augustana (SD)_Third Base -- Joey Menart, Concordia-St. Paul

Shortstop -- Tessa Foth, Augustana (SD)_Outfield -- Nikki Almquist, North Dakota State

Outfield -- Kristen Cheney, Washburn

Outfield -- Megan Johnson, South Dakota State

Designated Player -- Lindsay Harworth, Minnesota-Duluth_Utility -- Lindsey Graham, North Dakota State



First Team

Pitcher -- Kerri Chase, Southern Colorado

Pitcher -- Carla Geeslin, Tarleton State

Pitcher -- Jennifer Harrer, Eastern New Mexico_Catcher -- Becky Sintek, Nebraska-Kearney

Catcher -- Adrienne Stoops, Southeastern Oklahoma State

First Base -- Gracie Villa, Tarleton State

Second Base -- Amber Aragon, Southern Colorado

Third Base -- Rachel Mohler, Eastern New Mexico

Shortstop -- Nickie Engelbrecht, Texas WomanÕs

Shortstop -- Natalie Hill, St. MaryÕs (TX)

Outfield -- Kelly Adams, Mesa State

Outfield -- Tosha Sczbecki, Mesa State

Outfield -- Niki Toussaint, Southern Colorado

Designated Player -- Jenee West, Mesa State

Utility -- Andrea Limoges, Panhandle State


Second Team

Pitcher -- Maria Gutierrez, Texas A&M-Kingsville

Pitcher -- Krystel markwardt, Southeastern Oklahoma State

Pitcher -- Casey Neely, Northeastern State

Catcher -- Elizabeth Card, St. MaryÕs (TX)

Catcher -- Stephanie Kunz, Incarnate Word

First Base -- Kelly Baker, Southeastern Oklahoma State

Second Base -- (None selected)

Third Base -- Jamie Dunn, Mesa State

Shortstop -- Lindsay Jaruis, Northeastern State

Outfield -- D.J. Crump, Adams State

Outfield -- Tanya Medina, St. MaryÕs (TX)

Outfield -- Melanie Williams, Texas Wesleyan

Designated Player -- Liz Beyer, Incarnate Word

Utility -- Daniele McCallum, Adams State



First Team

Pitcher -- Susan Churchwell, UC Davis

Pitcher -- Jessame Kendall, Humboldt State

Pitcher -- Melanie Wood, Cal State Bakersfield

Catcher -- Christen Hardee, Humboldt State

Catcher -- Phoebe Low, Cal State Stanislaus

First Base -- Nicole Fiola, Cal State San Bernardino

Second Base -- Adriana Cisneros, Cal State Bakersfield

Third Base -- Shellie Broyles, Western New Mexico

Shortstop -- Alicia Castro, Cal State Bakersfield

Outfield -- Karen Myers, Cal State Stanislaus

Outfield -- Shyamala White, UC Davis

Outfield -- Andrea Williams, Humboldt State

Designated Player -- Holly Justice, Western New Mexico

Utility -- Josette Belarmino, Cal State Stanislaus


Second Team

Pitcher -- Taysha Anderson, Hawaii-Hilo

Pitcher -- Jenny Brown, Cal State Stanislaus

Pitcher -- Stacy Duncan, Cal State Stanislaus

Pitcher -- Amanda Grant, Western Washington

Pitcher -- Leea Harlan, UC San Diego

Catcher -- Angie Linsenmeyer, UC Davis

First Base -- April Tursky, Humboldt State

Second Base -- Samee Fernandez, Hawaii Pacific

Third Base -- (None selected)

Shortstop -- Amy Mette, UC San Diego

Outfield -- Melanie Baker, Humboldt State

Outfield -- Katie Gutierrez, Western New Mexico

Outfield -- Jessi Williams, Western Washington

Designated Player -- Hadley Jensen, Western Washington

Utility -- Brooke Gettig, Cal State Bakersfield



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