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2015 NFCA CalJC All-American Procedures

The voting will be done on line at cccaastats.org. We will have 20 All Americans selected for 1st team. The North and South will each get 10 members. The selections will be made by positions: P (1), C (1), Infielders (4), Outfielders (3) and Utility (1).                                       

You must be a NFCA member to nominate your players. Also, please make sure your stats are updated on the the cccaastats.org site as that is how we put together the nomination forms with the statistics. Please call or email with any questions or concerns. Thanks!


Selection of the NFCA All American Candidates:

  1. Only players from the All-State, All-Northern/Southern California and/or All-Conference 1st Team may be nominated players for the All American Team.  They must meet at least one of the above criteria to be nominated. 
  2. Nominations must be submitted by the conference Executive Representative/NFCA All American Selection Committee Member by Noon on the Friday preceding the April business meeting on the official conference ranking form (see attached) to the NFCA All American Representative. One form per conference will be filled out by the Executive Representative/NFCA All American Selection Committee Member. The NFCA All American Representative will compile by position(s) all available candidates statistics to be voted on by the committee in the North/South using the information available on our cccaastats.org. website.
  3. The Most Valuable Player and Pitcher from the North and the South will be automatic members of 1st Team All-American if their head coach is an NFCA member. 
  4. The rest of the candidates will be selected by the All American Selection Committe using the selected criteria on the ranking form and an open voting process
  5. In case of a tie vote open discussion will take place for a maximum of 3 minutes per person and then a re-vote will take place. If after discussion and the re-vote is still tied the candidate with the higher team RPI shall get the nod.
  6. Head coaches must be a member of the NFCA in order to submit your candidates.

Selection of the NFCA Diamond Catcher of the Year:

  1. Nominations will be submitted at the end of the April business meeting on the official Catcher of the Year nomination form. 
  2. Only catchers from the All State, All Northern/Southern California and/or All Conference 1st Team may be nominated players for the Catcher of the year award.
  3. One voting opportunity per institution. Head Coaches must vote by Thursday at 12 noon following the business meeting. Same time line as above.
  4. Head coaches must be a member of the NFCA in order to submit your candidates and vote.

Selection of the NFCA Golden Shoe Award:

        1.   The golden shoe award will go to the student-athlete who has the most stolen bases in the state according to our                   cccaastats.org website whose head coach is an NFCA member.
        2.   In cases where there is a tie it shall be broken by the attempts and success percentage.

Other important notes:

  1. There will be a total of 20 1st team All American Awards.  10 awards will go to the North and 10 to the South by position clusters.  Pitcher(1), Catcher(1), Infielders(4), Outfielders(3) and Utility(1) 
  2. The All American team will be selected by committee so be sure to select someone to represent your conference and participate on the selection committee.
  3. For National Coach of the Year if the head coach is not an NFCA member it will be awarded to the head coach whose team finished the next highest that is an NFCA member.  The National Coach of the Year must be awarded.