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  1. Please DO NOT use all caps or all lower case when entering data on this application.
  2. Applicants should submit ONLY ONE application and may select ALL CAMPS for which this application applies.
  3. Camp applicants will be notified of camp status after the camp application deadline. This notification will be sent to the parent email as listed on the application. Please make sure to provide a valid parent email address.
  4. All requested information is important to college coaches. Please complete this application as thoroughly as possible, but don't answer with any of the following: Don't Know, N/A, Not Taken Yet, To Be Taken, or by inserting the date of a scheduled test. Leave spaces blank for any unknown information and try to email this information to us as soon as possible.
  5. GPA and Test Scores are of upmost importance. These two items should be provided on this application even if you have to provide them at a later date. We understand that younger athletes may not have a test score yet.
  6. The Pennsbury Academic Camp is held for those with exemplary academic records. Please check the NFCA website for the specified requirements before applying for this camp.
  7. Athletes may apply to showcase their skills as: 1) a catcher or outfielder 2) pitcher or 3) infielder. If you are applying to showcase in a second session and are granted that request, you will be showcasing your skills at the secondary position you indicate on this application. (Some camps do not allow for second session participation). Second session applicants will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified of second session acceptance if space is available in that camp. Note: Athletes cannot showcase as a catcher and as outfielder as these two positions are held during the same session.
  8. All requested information on this application is important and begs for a response. However, an asterisk before a field indicates that this field requires a response.

Personal Information

All contact information is important to college coaches. Please double check your responses.

Athlete First Name *
Athlete Last Name *
Athlete Home Phone *
Parent Work Phone
Athlete Email Address *
Athlete Address *
City *
State *
Country *
Athlete Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY *
Adult T-Shirt Size *
Parent / Guardian *
Parent / Guardian Email *
Parent / Guardian Cell Phone

Academic Information

Test scores, class rank and college major are of extreme importance to college coaches.

High School *
High School Phone
High School Address
City *
State *
GPA Weighted? *
Class Rank (9/999)
ACT Math
ACT Reading
ACT English
ACT Science
SAT Math
SAT Reading
SAT Writing
PSAT Reading
PSAT Writing
Graduation Year *
College Major *
High School Academic Honors (150 char limit)

Fastpitch Information

Applicants should list a few athletic honors in this portion of the application. Listed awards and honors lend much credibility to your application, but please be concise.

The following information reflects: *
Primary Position *
Secondary Position *
Throws *
Bats *
Are you a slap hitter? *
Height *
Weight lbs. *
Fielding Average (.985)
OB% (.567)
Batting Average (.435) *
Athletic Honors (225 char limit)

Running Speed

Use a stop watch, starting from the RIGHT side of the plate with no bat or swing. Clock starts on first step.

Home to First (2.95)
Home to Home (11.98)

Pitching Information

For Pitchers, the pitching record is required, and the other information is strongly encouraged.

Pitching Record (10-2)
ERA (0.65)
Innings Pitched (34.1,34.2)
Walks (BB)

High School Coach Information

Please complete all requested information in this section. Just leave blank if you have no high school coach.

High School Coach

Travel Ball Information

Travel Team *
  • ASA
  • AFA
  • NSA
  • PGF
  • Pony
  • Other
Travel Coach *
Email *
City *
State *


Please look at the complete list of camps below and check ALL CAMPS for which you are applying. This application will indicate your intent to be considered for all selected camps and no further application should be submitted. Be careful not to apply for two or more camps that occur on the same day.

By clicking the submit button below, I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this questionnaire is accurate and honest.

Before hitting the submit button, the NFCA recommends that you print a copy of this application and keep for your records.

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