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Arizona Stays Atop NFCA RPI

View the NFCA's Simulated RPI 

Arizona remained atop the newest NFCA Simulated Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) as compiled by mathematician Warren Nolan. 

The Wildcats ended the week of Apr. 10-16 with a 0.6950 rating, ahead of Pac-10 foe UCLA, Texas, Alabama and Arizona State. Northwestern, California, Tennessee, Oregon State and Stanford rounded out the top 10. 

Arizona also occupied the top spot in the strength of schedule. The Wildcats had a SOS of 0.6531, rating ahead of No. 2 Northwestern. UCLA came in with the third toughest schedule, while Michigan followed at No. 4. Washington, Florida, Baylor, Texas, UNLV and Oregon ranked fifth through 10th in the strength of schedule. 

Arizona and UCLA led the way as the Pac-10 led the conference RPI. The SEC followed in second, with the ACC, Big XII and Mountain West coming in third, fourth and fifth, respectively. 

The RPI is a mathematical calculation used to help determine teams’ success, using a calculated strength of schedule and win-loss percentage. 

RPI Calculations 

The same basic formula is used in NCAA Division I men’s and women’s basketball, baseball and softball; however, there are minute differences (penalties and bonuses) that are specific to each sport. For example, there may be a small penalty if a Division I school plays a non-Division I opponent. There may be a small bonus for beating a top 25 team. 

When determining the RPI for each team, the following basic formula is used: 

25% -- Winning percentage. 
50% -- Opponents’ winning percentage. 
25% -- Opponents’ opponents’ winning percentage. 

Although the NCAA publishes the basic formula, it does not release the mathematical bonuses and penalties specific for each sport. It is important to note that the NFCA RPI may not be exactly the same as the NCAA RPI, since the NCAA will not release its bonus and penalty calculations. However, the two should be close and the NFCA RPI should be an indication of where a team stands. The NCAA is not endorsing the NFCA RPI. 

The next NFCA RPI will be released April 28.