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Cathi Aradi

NCAA Rules Committee Establishes System for Rules Changes

 NCAA Secretary Rules-Editor Dee Abrahamson announced during the 1999 NFCA Umpire Satellite Clinic a new phase of rules comment solicitation.

During the January 23 clinic, which was viewed by over 1,000 umpires and coaches at 41 downlink sites throughout the country, Abrahamson noted that the NCAA will send out information requesting rule proposals.

"The purpose is to create a vehicle for coaches, umpires and friends of the game to both suggest rule changes and to provide input on the suggestion of others, "Abrahamson said. "It will take nearly four months to complete the process, and approved changes will go into effect for the 2000 season."

The process began January 30, with a call for proposals. The NCAA sent a suggestion form to all NCAA member institutions that sponsor softball. In addition, the NFCA mailed forms to all its umpire members. Additional forms can be sent to other interested parties by calling Heather Yost, publications editor, at the NCAA (913/339-1906).

Proposals are due back to Abrahamson by March 1. At that time, Abrahamson will:

  •  Revise the manuscript accordingly for changes that are editorial in nature or corrections of previous mistakes;
  •  Compile the suggestions that require clarification or interpretation of existing rules for NCAA Softball Rules Committee deliberation, and
  •  Compile new suggested rules changes and their rationale into one survey document, which will be sent to the NCAA for reproduction. It is anticipated that this document will be mailed from the NCAA on or about March 19.

This final survey should be returned by April 15, so the NCAA will have time to compile results prior to the rules committee meeting June 1.

Any approved changes will appear in the 2000 rule book, available for purchase in the fall of 1999.