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Sports Vision Pioneer to Kick Off 2005 National Convention with "The Visual Mechanics of Softball"

The 2005 NFCA National Convention in Orlando, Fla., will kick off with Dr. Bill Harrison, the leading pioneer in Sports Vision, presenting a pre-convention seminar on “The Visual Mechanics of Softball” Tues., Nov. 29 from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. at the Caribe Royale Resort. 

During the four-hour gathering, Dr. Harrison will cover how to help players capitalize and maximize performance on the fact that hitting is first and foremost a visual skill. He will also look in-depth at vision assessment and correction, examining the pros and cons of contact lenses, eyewear, laser surgery, and sunglasses and tented soft lenses for softball performance-related vision problems. 

Dr. Harrison will also cover the visual routines for focused concentration, as well as techniques that help players see the ball early and more accurately identify the pitch. The seminar will also focus on on- and off-field techniques that will help players track and see the ball deeper. 

Getting players in the “Visual Zone” will also be a topic covered, and Dr. Harrison will show coaches techniques that players can use to visually and mentally slow the game down to increase performance “In the Zone.” 

Attendees will also receive aid in developing a year-round plan that will assure vision and performance skills are at a peak level, as well as athletic training tools for the eyes and mind. 

Dr. Harrison is a former athlete who became an eye doctor and began to focus on sports vision. He has consulted and trained players and coaches on the visual mechanics of athletic performance for 35 years. 

With a focus on how the visual side of sports impacts the mental and physical aspects of each game, he has used his innovative training methods in work with professional and amateur teams including gold medal-winner USA Softball and 2004 silver medalist Australia. Dr. Harrison has also worked with the 2000 Olympic softball team from New Zealand, and he works with 12 major league baseball teams and the University of Texas, Cal State Fullerton, Wichita State University and University of Southern California baseball squads. 

Don’t miss out on this great seminar from the leading pioneer in Sports Vision. Click here to get more information or to sign up for the 2005 NFCA National Convention and “The Visual Mechanics of Softball” pre-convention seminar.