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Conditioning Publication Coming Soon

 NFCA members will soon receive information on a new conditioning publication for baseball and softball -- Performance Conditioning Baseball/Softball. Performance Conditioning has been publishing conditioning publications for six years, doing separate publications for the sports of soccer, volleyball and cycling. The publication for Baseball/Softball is the newest member of the publishing family and is endorsed by the NFCA. "Our commitment is to provide athletes and coaches cutting edge information to improve performance," said Publisher Ken Kontor. "We are pleased to announce the cooperation of the National Fastpitch Coaches Association and the National High School Baseball Coaches Associaton in this effort." The company chose to combine the two sports because they require almost identical skills, making conditioning almost identical. "We will address the minor differences such as the pitching motion and the effects of training on the male vs. female athlete, but most information applies equally to each sport. Therefore, we can draw on the best expertise from both sports," Kontor said. Besides baseball/softball sport and and athlete skill devleopment, the publication will provide the latest information on injury prevention and recovery, and nutrition.