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Women's Sports in Jeopardy: Commission Seeks to Weaken Title IX

Sport programs for girls and women are in serious trouble. The proposals currently being considered by the Title IX Commission will negatively alter the landscape of high school and collegiate athletics for women and men. Under these proposals, institutions are allowed to offer up to 78,000 fewer female participation opportunities at the college level, and up to 1.4 million fewer participation opportunities for girls in high school.

Collegiate women stand to lose $75 to $188 million in college athletic scholarships. Astonishingly, these proposals come when women and girls still do not receive equal benefits afforded to male athletes. If you've been waiting to act...don't wait any longer. Unless you speak out now, 30 years of progress may be lost.

Voice your opinion regarding the dangerous recommendations proposed by the Commission for changes to Title IX. A new letter is available on the Women's Sports Foundation's Web site at http://capwiz.com/wsf/home/that will be sent to the Commissioners, Secretary of Education Rod Paige, Office for Civil Rights and the White House.