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Defensive Drill

Equipment Needed: All of the equipment used in a game situation.

Explanation of Drill: This drill emphasizes and encouages good defensive execution by your entire team.

During a full scrimmage, both the offensive (batting) team and defensive (fielding) team will score runs. The batting team scores runs in the usual way. The defense scores runs by executing great defense or meeting team defensive goals.

For example, if a team goal is to get every leadoff batter in every inning out, the coach could award a "run" for the defense getting the leadoff batter out.

Other "runs" could be "scored" by turning a double play, throwing a runner out at the plate, making a terrific catch, striking a batter out with the bases loaded, etc.

Defensive "runs" may be given based on the coach's subjective observations, or in certain defined ways.
Add each team's defensive "runs" to their offensive runs for the team's final score.

We have found this drill to be a fun variation to the standard scrimmage and players do become very aware of the importance of playing good defense.