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NFCA Drill: Defense/Teamwork (Posted October 18, 2002)

By Jerry Grasso, Head Coach

Goldey-Beacom College

Name of Drill: Three-Ball Drill.

Equipment Needed: Bucket of balls, two coaches or two players.

Explanation of Drill: Have a set of players (divided evenly) in one corner of the gym or field. The coaches/throwers will stand in the center of the gym or in the middle of the outfield. Players stand approximately 40 feet away in a neutral corner.

On the coach's command, the players will run laterally and catch a fly ball or line drive, then sprint and retrieve the next ball. On the last ball, have the players run to catch a short fly ball.

This drill builds good teamwork. It teaches excellent eye-hand coordination and communication among players. You can make it into a competition and play for points.