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NFCA Drill: Fielding/Conditioning (Posted September 30, 2002)

By Becky Norris, Assistant Coach

Eastern Illinois University

Name of Drill: Killer Drill.

Equipment Needed: Balls, gloves.

Explanation of Drill: Group the players into pairs. Player 1 stands at a designated spot and starts the drill by tossing the ball straight up in the air. Player 2 runs and fields the ball and throws it back to Player 1. Player 2 then runs away from Player 1, who throws a fly ball over Player 2's head. Player 2 catches it and throws it back to Player 1. Player 1 then throws a ground ball to Player 2 as she is charging in. Player 2 fields the grounder and throws it back to Player 1. Player 1 again throws a pop-up for Player 2, followed by the fly ball and ground ball.

Repeat as many times as desired and then rotate positions.