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NFCA Drill: Hitting/Fielding/Conditioning (Posted 09/13/02)

By Paul Simpkins,

Fastpitch Academy (N.J.)

Name of Drill: Thunder Drill.

Equipment Needed: Pitching machine or practice pitcher (with control), bats, gloves, helmets, balls.

Explanation of Drill: This is a very fast-moving drill. Players are sprinting to positions and loving it. The drill works on conditioning, fielding and hitting.

1. Players field all positions, except pitcher. Catcher is optional.
2. Remaining players drop their gloves near first base.
3. Players that dropped their gloves get helmets and bats and line up to hit.
4. First player hits and runs hard to first base. She picks up her glove and fields first base.
5. Players in the field rotate as follows:
--Batter to first base
--First baseman to right field
--Right fielder to second base
--Second baseman to centerfield
--Centerfielder to shortstop
--Shortstop to left field
--Left fielder to third base
--Third baseman to first base (drops glove, picks up last batter's helmet and goes in line to bat)

Players must hustle, hustle, hustle to make this an effective drill. The coach directs fielders to throw to first base or cut off. If you're using a catcher or pitcher, rotate them as well.