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NFCA Drill: Bunting (Posted 08/28/2002)

By Judy O'Connell-Lawes, Head Coach

Kutztown University (Pa.)

Name of Drill: Bunting in Pressure Situations.

Equipment Needed: Pitcher, catcher, first base, third base.

Explanation of Drill: Defensive players are in position. Batter is at plate while the rest of the team is in a line along the home-to-third base line.

The batter goes up against a live pitcher and must put a bunt down fair on the first strike. If she executes, she runs through first base. She can (and should) lay off balls. If the batter misses, bunts a pop-up or foul ball, she and the rest of her teammates do a sprint to the first-to-second base line and back. The batter remains at the plate until a proper bunt is executed. Then she goes to the back of the line and the next athlete steps up. Everyone on the team takes her turn and the team encourages the batter.