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NFCA Drill: Fielding/Concentration

By Keith Culver, Head Coach

Delaware Diamonds (10-U)

Name of Drill: Grounders in a Circle

Equipment Needed: Balls, gloves.

Explanation of Drill:All of the players on a team form a large circle, about the size of the infield. One player rolls a grounder to any other player, who must field it properly and then roll a grounder to any other player in the circle. Players DO NOT call out the player's name where the ball is going.

After a minute or so, add a second ball, then a third, a fourth and a fifth ball. There will be five balls all going at the same time. Everyone has to watch everywhere, constantly, to see if a ball is coming to her. This drill improves reaction time and alertness. Coaches must emphasize good form in fielding the grounders.

In addition to working on skills, this drill is a lot of fun and usually results in a lot of laughter.