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NFCA Drill: Hitting

By Art Kasak, Head Coach

Berwyn-Cicero Morton High School (Ill.)

Name of Drill: Hitting on Command -- Fire Line.

Equipment Needed: Each player has a home plate, a bat, a hitting tee and about seven whiffle balls or sock balls.

Explanation of Drill: The use of cue words are important when instructing hitting mechanics.

Group your team into pairs. Each pair has a hitting tee, a bat and up to seven whiffle balls. After the coach goes over proper hitting mechanics, one player from each pair steps to the tee and takes practice swings. The partner stands behind the batter, checking that each movement is completed properly. (Note: make sure the partner does not stand too close to the batter in case the bat leaves the batter’s hands.) After all players have had a chance to practice proper mechanics, they can begin hitting whiffle balls off of the tee. The first player hits the seven whiffle balls, then after the balls are gathered, the next player gets to hit. Each player should get to hit at least five times.

The object of the drill is for players to be able to perform proper hitting mechanics. We reinforce the steps of proper hitting mechanics every day.