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Marucci Sports



Infield Drill

Equipment Needed: Playing field, two balls and a bat.

To begin the drill, players are stationed as follows: At third base (X3), catcher (X4), first base (X1) and second base (X2).

The coach hits a grounder to X3 playing third base. X3 picks up the ball and throws it home to X4. X4 flips the ball to the coach while X3 runs to the shortstop position.

Coach hits X3 a grounder at the shortstop position. X3 picks it up and throws to first base (X1). X3 then runs to the mound to pick up a ball that is on the ground. X3 throws to second (X2).

The ball at first base (X1) is thrown to X4 in line, then thrown back to X1 at first.

X4 runs out to third to start the drill again. X2 at second base throws the ball to X5 (waiting in line by the coach), who flips it to the coach.

Before running to the end of the line, X1 places her ball on the mound. X3 runs to second base as fast as she can and X2 runs to first base in the same manner as X3.

Everyone has to pay attention and must concentrate.