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NFCA Drill Of The Week: Bunt And Score

Name of Drill: Bunt and Score Drill

Equipment : Ball, bat, pitcher, catcher.

Explanation of Drill: The pitcher pitches the ball to the catcher. The batter bunts the ball. On the pitch, the runner at first base takes her lead. The runner checks to make sure the bunt goes down to the ground, then breaks for second base. The defensive team can get the out at either first or second base, but second base is the preferred out. The shortstop throws to the first baseman, who throws to third base and around the horn. (Note: If the play goes to first base with the second baseman covering, the continues the drill by throwing to third base.) The runner at second takes a led and tries to score once the third baseman gets the ball. The batter that bunted the ball now becomes a runner at first base.

The defensive team should use its bunt coverages. Aggressive play is encouraged because the drill continues if the runner is safe or out. Also, the pitcher and catcher can work the batter like a real game situation.

The offensive team should work on its leads and slides. The coach can change the type of bunt being used.