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NFCA Drill Of The Week: Name Game

Name of Drill: Name Game

Equipment Needed: Balls (bag or bucket full)

Explanation of Drill: Players stand in a circle about an arm's length apart. One player (or coach) starts with a bag of balls in front of her and one ball in hand. She starts the game by calling out the name of a player and tossing the ball to that player. All players should try to toss across the circle at least two players away.

The player who received the ball now chooses another player, calls her name and tosses the ball to her. This continues until everyone has touched the ball once. It might take a couple of tries to get a pattern that works. Once you have the pattern, repeat it and keep adding balls. Try to get to at least five balls and work up. It may end up looking like a popcorn machine! This drill is great for communication and focus, plus it loosens up the players and gets them laughing.