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Fastpitch Drill Of The Week: Release Point (Snap and Eagle)

Name of Drill: Release Point (Snap and Eagle) Warm-Up Drills.

Equipment Needed: Ball, pitching area.

Explanation of Drill: Have your catcher behind the plate and place the pitcher 20 feet from the plate. Turn the pitcher to a right angle of the plate. On the snap drill, the pitcher should spread her feet apart (no step) and take the ball to the highest position above her head. Her glove hand should be straight out toward the catcher, 90 degrees from the body. The pitcher looks at the ball above her head, then looks back to the catcher's glove, making a quick snap at the waist across the belt. At the same time, she quickly brings the glove down to the back of her back.

For the eagle snap, the pitcher is 32 feet from the plate. The eagle drill is the same as the snap drill, except the pitcher takes a step in this drill. The feet are together as the pitcher brings the ball and glove to the same position as the snap drill. The pitcher steps to the plate and releases the ball to the catcher.

These are excellent warm-up and accuracy drills.These drills will isolate the release point of the pitch. The drills increase the pitcher's accuracy and power. They also increase the confidence level of younger pitchers who are struggling with control. These two drills will help erase pitchers' bad habits and control problems.