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Cathi Aradi

NFCA Drill Of The Week: Defense

Name of Drill: Loop Drill

Equipment Needed: Softballs, gloves

Explanation of Drill: This is a favorite drill of mine and my kids really like it too.

The entire team is split in half, with half at second base and half at shortstop. (We allow our outfielders to participate as well). One player stands at first base and one at third base.

The coach stands at home plate and hits from there. There is a player at each side of the coach at home plate. That is the setup of the players. During the drill, each player follows her throw.

1. Coach hits ground ball to second base.

2. Player at second base catches ground ball and throws to first base.

3. The player at first base throws the ball to the receiver on the first base side of the coach.

4. The player from first base then runs behind home plate and gets in line at shortstop.

The same thing is going on with the line at shortstop. The player at the shortstop position throws to third base and the player at third throws to the receiver on her side of the coach. So as a coach you are continuously alternating between short and second.

We do several rounds. One round right at the fielders, one round up the middle, one round in the hole. Then we multiply the number of players by two and that is how many balls in a row we have to successfully field. If we mishandle a ball, we start counting over.