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NFCA Drill Of The Week: Catching

Name of Drill: Passed Ball Drill.

Equipment Needed: Catching gear, six balls.

Explanation of Drill: This drill is designed to incorporate both passed ball techniques and conditioning for the catcher.

Six balls are placed behind the catcher around the backstop. The catcher must start from her catching position at the plate. She then sprints back to the first ball, slides in to field the ball and then makes a good throw back to the plate. The catcher immediately sprints back to her position, heads to the next ball and repeats until all six balls have been completed.

For every bad or errant throw the catcher makes, a ball is added behind her. For example, if she makes two bad throws to the plate, two balls are added, bringing the total number of fielded balls to eight. This forces the catcher to focus on the throw!