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Cathi Aradi

Defining the Role of the High School Coach

Many high school players' parents ask "what can a coach do to help the high school player get recruited?"

I'm sure every high school coach has her/his own philosophy on helping their players with recruiting. My perspective is the high school coach should try to open as many doors as possible.

Everyone knows that a high school coach has to wear many hats, teacher, trainer, counselor, friend and coach. So what is the hat we wear for recruiting? At Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, it is my job to aid my players as much as I can. I put together all the information I can on colleges, NCAA rules and playing at the next level.

It is my task to educate the players and parents with the information. As a player shows interest in our softball program, they fill out information sheets and list their top five college choices.

This has to take place early in their high school career. I make sure to contact those schools with our player's information; also we send out information sheets on all of our players. We include their name, address, phone, GPA, test scores, class rank and player's ability.

Remember, the biggest problem is that the college and high school seasons are going on at the same time in most states. High school coaches should be able to be in a position to make the first contact for their players. After the contact is made, it should then be the job of the player and her parents to pursue the schools of their choice.

Please understand it is not the job of a high school coach to get players recruited, but we should try to open as many doors as we can to help the players and parents with the hard decisions of playing at the next level.