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Softball Coaching Bible



NFCA Drill Of The Week: Two-Ball

Name of Drill: Two Ball

Equipment Needed: L-screen, balls, bats, helmets

Explanation of Drill: Divide your team into equal teams. We have 12 players, so we use three teams of four. You have eight players on defense covering every position except pitcher. The coach front tosses from 20 feet from behind an L-screen.

For the first pitch to the batter, the count is 0-0. If the batter does not hit the first pitch, the count goes to 0-2. IF a third or fourth pitch is needed, the count goes to 1-2, 2-2, etc.

From there, it is just like a game. After three outs, switch the teams that are hitting and that are in the field. Unlike a game, there is little waiting time and things are happening quickly, since front toss allows the coach to throw a lot of strikes.

The offense gets to work on hitting with an 0-0 count and with an 0-2 count. The batters also learn what pitches to hit in those situations. They also get to work on base running and situational hitting.

The defense gets to work on many different types of situations with the pressure of a base runner or base runners.

To play a seven-inning game with each team batting seven times takes less than 45 minutes. There is no substitute for your defense executing plays under pressure. The drill also helps your team learn how to compete.