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NFCA Drill Of The Week: Throwing and Catching

Equipment Needed: Several softballs, gym wall, colored tape (roll).

Explanation of Drill: Mark a three-foot square on the wall with tape. Then mark a one-foot square inside the three-foot square. Have a player with a ball stand behind a line 20 feet away from the wall. The player throws the ball at the square, receiving one point if it hits inside the large square and two points if it hits in the small square. She's timed for 60 seconds, with a coach keeping score. The player must throw and catch the ball behind the line in rapid fire.

This drill incorporates throwing and fielding skills. Your best players will usually score the highest total points. With practice, coordination often improves since all throwing and fielding weaknesses will quickly be found.

This is a quick way to assess the skills of players on the team at early indoor practices. We award softball pins to the highest scorers, so competition is fostered among all team members.