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Softball Coaching Bible



NFCA Drill Of The Week

Name of Drill: Wooden Dowel.

Equipment Needed: Balls, bat, tee, wooden dowel, pitching screen


Explanation of Drill: Place a wooden dowel inside the tee so the dowel stands upright to at least shoulder height. Have the batter get in the batter's stance as if the tee is home plate.

Now have the person who is giving soft toss get behind a pitcher's screen at a short distance and give the hitter tosses on the inside half of the plate.

The object of the drill is to keep the hitter from extending too early in the swing and it promotes keeping the hands inside the ball.

If the hitter extends too soon or allows the hands to travel outside the ball, she will knock over the dowel and tee, thus providing valuable feedback to the hitter every time she swings.

It is important that the soft tosses be accurately thrown of the inside part of the plate and is therefore better to throw from close range.