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Cathi Aradi

NFCA Drill Of The Week

Game Situations (Accountability/Responsibility)

Name of Drill:Consequence.

Equipment Needed: Live pitching or pitching machine, chart that explains and lists exercises, balls, umpire (coach).

Explanation of Drill: Play a real game. However, for every error or "mess-up", there is a consequence.

Explain to the girls some of the things they need to work on (e.g., less errors, hitting cut-offs, getting bunts down, using "soft hands", swinging at good pitches, etc.) so when the game starts, everyone knowswhat happens if she has a "mess-up."

They are to perform the exercise right then and there -- immediate accountability. Some of the exercises were funny, some made the girls hustle or work harder. For example, our girls got into the habit of saying, "my bad" after every error or mess-up. That stoppedwhen they had to drop and do 20 push-ups!

We used this drill during the middle and end of the season and the girls liked it.

You should make up your own exercises specific for your own team. Here are examples of some of our exercises:

1. Pop up (on full count or third strike): sprint to foul pole and jog back.

2. Overthrow/bad throw: 10 push-ups/10 crunches.

3. Missed bunt signs: sprint-jog-sprint to foul pole.

4. Missed cut-off: outfield sprints to cut-off person, jogs around her, and sprints back. (Vice-versa if cut-off isn't there.)