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Cathi Aradi

NFCA Drill Of The Week

Name of Drill (1): Leg Burners

Equipment needed: Catcher in full gear, bucket of softballs

Explanation of drill: Spread the balls all around the backstop. The catcher is in her stance. When the coach says "go", the catcher goes to a ball and flips it to the coach covering home. Then, the catcher goes back to the ready position and the process is repeated. This will teach your catcher to react fast, plus it will help get her in shape.

Name of Drill (2): Fielding Bunts

Equipment Needed: Catcher in full gear, softball

Explanation of Drill: The catcher is in the "ready" position at home plate. The coach stands directly behind the catcher and rolls the ball down the first base line. The catcher bounces out of her stance and scoops the ball. She can throw the ball to any base. The coach can also roll the ball toward the pitcher or down the third base line.