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Golf Ball/Good Pitch Hitting Drill

Equipment Needed: Orange and white whiffle golf balls. Works best if they have holes in them. Not solid bats. May have a machine to throw the balls or the players can pitch to each other.

Explanation of Drill: We bought a machine to throw the whiffle golf balls. Players can pitch the whiffle balls to each other underhanded as fast as they can from about 15 feet away.

If the machine throws the white whiffle ball, the players hit it. If the machine throws an orange whiffle ball, the players take a pitch. It requires quick recognition. We use this for hitting practice before games so we can get focused on good pitches to swing at.

We will also soft toss both the white and orange ball at the same time. The player who tosses the ball, calls out "white or orange." The batter has to hit the called color.