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NFCA Drill of the Week

Name of Drill: Double Drill.

Equipment Needed: Three players at a time, gloves, ball.

Explanation of Drill: This drill helps the shortstop and second baseman start the double play properly.

Player 1 has the ball. Player 3 is in a proper defensive position, 10 to 15 feet away. Player 1 rolls a ground ball to Player 3. Player 3 stays down on the ball, bringing it to her belt buckle. She backhands the ball to Player 2 to simulate a shortstop-to-second baseman toss. Player 3 then side-steps as is she was preparing to get into a proper fielding position to Player 2, staying approximately 10 to 15 feet in front of Player 2. She then fields a ground ball from Player 2, pivots properly and makes an underhand toss to Player 1 as the drill continues. Use three players per group. This is ideal for your shortstop and second baseman to work with each other.