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Cathi Aradi

NFCA Drill Of The Week

Name of Drill: Recover and Stance Drill.

Equipment Needed: Balls, full catching gear.

Set-up: Each catcher is in full gear and will start this drill in her squatting position. Place a ball in front of each catcher, simulating a dropped ball or wild pitch.

Explanation of Drill: The drill can start on a verbal command or the catcher can start on her own. The catcher flips her mask off, then recovers and retrieves the ball. From here, the catcher should be in the pre-throwing stance. The coach will call first, second or third, and the catcher makes a phantom throw to whichever base is called. The coach can have the catcher hold her pre-throwing stance before making the phantom throw. This helps condition the catcher's legs. Eventually, progress to real throws to players at first, second or third base. Or the catcher can also throw into a screen. This drill should help your catchers maintain balance and gain added quickness out of the pocket. Your catchers will eventually progress to making great, quick and accurate throws.