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NFCA Drill Of The Week

Name of Drill: Team Defense Drill.

Equipment Needed: Balls, bat, helmets, players.

Explanation of Drill: The coach stands at the plate with a ball and bat. The pitcher throws the ball to a catcher standing beside the game catcher. As the ball crosses the plate, the coach tosses up a ball and hits it to the defense. As the coach hits the ball, the runner who is in the left-hand batter's box takes off. The defense tries to get the runner out. It is helpful to have base coaches to work on baserunning. The coach that is hitting can create a number of situations that come up in a game. For instance, instead of hitting the ball, the coach can throw it up to the game catcher for steal attempts. The runners have the advantage because they are able to get great jumps. This drill puts a lot of pressure on the defense. We run this drill before every game. Another benefit of this drill is that it allows the coach to look at players at different positions. We also rotate baserunners so players can work on conditioning and baserunning.