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NFCA Drill Of The Week

Name of Drill: Sun Drill.

Equipment Needed: Balls, a sunny day.

Explanation of Drill: On one of the first sunny days of the spring (my JV coach calls this the "teachable moment") we practice catching fly balls with the sun in our eyes. While the players warm up throwing with a partner, we align them so one partner is facing directly at the sun and the other has the sun at her back. The player with her back to the sun throws pop-ups to the player facing the sun. After a few pop-ups, they switch positions. The player attempting to catch the pop-ups should do the following:

1. Block the sun with her closed glove. The glove should be away from the body and raised to a level that will put the glove in the line of the sun.

2.It is important that she angles her body in a manner that will allow her to pick up the entire flight of the ball. Don’t set up in a way that will require the ball to enter her blind spot caused by the raised glove.