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NFCA Drill Of The Week

Equipment Needed: Balls, backstop.

Purpose of Drill: To teach the outfielders proper communication and proper technique in playing the ball at the base of the fence.

Explanation of Drill: This is an alternative drill for working fence communication with your outfielders when you do not have an outfield fence on your field.

Outfielders are positioned at each dugout extended. Another outfielder is positioned behind second base and serves as the cut-off player. Coach fungos a variety of balls (line drives, grounders, etc.) into the backstop. Outfielders react to the batted ball at the fence while using the proper communication, and execute good technique in picking up the ball and throwing it to the cut-off player.

1. Always designate one of the outfielders as the centerfielder so that you are working on priority system in your communication.

2. The outfielder making the pickup should always get her throwing side closest to the fence.

3. When picking up a dead ball at the base of the fence, outfielders should push down on the ball to assure a firm grip.

4. The outfielder should always take a shuffle step toward the cut-off player before making the throw.

5. Outfielders will rotate clockwise.