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NFCA Drill Of The Week

Name of Drill: Circle Drill.

Equipment: A "soft" ball. (No gloves are needed.)

Explanation of Drill: Divide your team into groups of approximately 8-10 players. Have each group begin to form a large semi-circle with all members of the group facing the center of the circle. While keeping their feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, have each player converge towards the center of the circle until the outside edges of their shoes touch the outside edges of the shoes of the players on each side of her.

In addition to having their feet positioned a little wider than shoulder width apart, make sure the players' knees are flexed, their weight is shifted forward onto the balls of their feet and both arms are extended in front of their bodies with their hands low to the ground.

Once a complete circle has been formed, have your players assume the proper fielding position for fielding a ground ball. A "soft" ball (I recommend a cloth "Incredi-Ball" or a tennis ball) is introduced into the circle.

Play begins when one player slaps the ball to someone else in the circle, using either one hand or both hands. The person receiving the ball immediately slaps the ball to someone else in the circle and so on.Make sure the players make every effort to keep the ball on the ground and not let it get airborne.

The object of the game is to try to get the ball through a teammate's legs. Once the ball passes through a player's legs, that person is out of the circle and the game continues. When there are only three or four players remaining in the circle, those players are declared the winners and game starts over from the beginning.