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NFCA Drill of the Week

Long Tee Drill

Equipment Needed: Ball, bat, tee.

Explanation of Drill: Have the hitter set up one foot deeper from her normal hitting position on the tee. Have her take a normal cut at the ball. This drill will help the hitter stay through the point of contact longer to help create a full follow through.

Through Back Through Drill.

Equipment Needed: Ball, bat, tee.

Explanation of Drill: On the tee, the hitter will set the barrel of the bat at the point of contact with the ball. On the coaches command, the hitter will bring the bat back up to the original hitting position, at the same time lifting the front foot in order to shift her weight back. The hitter will then step and swing with a forward and down motion through the ball and finish with a high follow through.

Four Color Drill.

Equipment Needed: Ball, bat.

Explanation of Drill: Paint each of the four sides of a softball a different color. Do a soft toss or front toss drill and have the player name the color that she hits. Another player can be behind the player hitting to check if she names the right color.