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General Purpose Drill

Equipment Needed: Balls, one bat (for coach), and up to four cones depending on how many groups are involved.

Explanation of Drill: Before you begin this drill for the first time, review the "right-of-way" rules and the necessary communication between fielders with a ball in the air. After that, the drill should work to reinforce proper communication and right-of-way rules between fielders.

We begin with two groups early in the fall, and designate one group "infielders" and the other group "outfielders." This would be our two-way communication drill. Later, you can add a third group (either infield or outfield for three-way communication) and finally a fourth group to have two infield and two outfield groups. This final configuration of the drill would be four-way communication.

Use one cone for each group as a starting point for the first person in each line (two cones for two groups, three cones for three groups, etc.). This will keep your players from drifting and eventually narrowing the gap. Keep the groups far enough apart so that a ball can be effectively hit or thrown between them, to replicate a shallow fly ball.

The first person in each line steps to the cone. The ball is hit or thrown into the air between those players, in effect, giving them a shallow fly ball to handle. Make sure your players are using the type of communication you want to have them use in a game. Eliminate all other words or interference. Reinforce the "right-of-way" rules. A coach may have to work on a little footwork as well. Have fun!