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NCAA Giving Coaches Opportunity to Provide Rules Changes Feedback

Last month the NCAA Softball Rules Committee made a series of rules changes for the upcoming season. For the first time ever, Division I, II and III head coaches and conference commissioners have the opportunity to provide feedback to the Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) prior to the rules being approved and implemented into intercollegiate softball. 

The proposed rules changes made by the committee in July are provided for download by clicking here

PROP reviews all rules changes made by NCAA rules committees. The panel provides an assessment on new rules in regards to the negative impact on the game’s image, safety issues or the impact financially on institutions. 

“Although the rules committee has always sought input from the membership, this is the first time reactions have been gauged after rules have been voted on by the committee and before final approval,” Heather Perry, NCAA Associate Director of Playing Rules Administration, said. “I hope coaches will take the opportunity to be even more involved with the process.” 

Division I, II or III head coaches or conference commissioners wanting to provide feedback to PROP prior to final approval need to do so by August 15. Coaches can submit their feedback to Perry at the NCAA by e-mail or by fax at (317) 917-6800. When submitting feedback, make sure to refer to the rule and specify whether your feedback concerns negative impact on the image of the game, safety concerns or financial issues.