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Alabama Tops First NCAA RPI of 2010 Season


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The NCAA has released its first Division I Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) of the season and you can find it by clicking here. The NCAA develops an RPI to give its selection committee an additional tool for selecting the NCAA championship field. 

The NCAA will release its RPI again on April 28 and May 12, but is considering a weekly release on each Wednesday prior to selection Sunday, May 16.
When determining the RPI for each team, the following basic formula is used for the RPI: 

25% -- Winning percentage. 

50% -- Opponents’ winning percentage. 

25% -- Opponents’ opponents’ winning percentage. 

Although the NCAA publishes this basic formula, it does not release the mathematical bonus and penalty calculations (such as a bonus for a win against a team in the top 25). 

Because of the availability of the NCAA RPI, the NFCA chose not to release an RPI in conjunction with mathematician Warren Nolan in the 2010 season.