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Coaching Tip: Fundraising

This is what we do at Brandywine High School to raise about $1000/season for the softball program.

I produce a letter (on school letterhead) explaining the need to improve our program. It could be equipment or uniforms or travel to tournaments.

The letter states: Dear Sponsor: We, the Brandywine Softball team, need your support. We are looking for sponsors for our practice team shirts. Sponsoring our team for $30.00 you will provide our girls with a practice tee shirt, but more importantly the donation will furnish our team with much needed equipment.

The back of each shirt will have your business name on it. This will show the surrounding community your support to our softball program. Please show your support and sponsor a shirt.

Name on back ____________________________________

Thank You,

Brandywine Softball Player's name_________________ shirt size ___________

I have my seniors design and pick out the color of the shirt. We list all the sponsors on the back in columns. Everything is screened on to cut the cost down and raise our profit. My shirts run me about $7.00/shirt so that's $23.00 profit/shirt. We try to have the players get 2-3 sponsors.