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Fastpitch Drill: Four Corners

Each Wednesday, Home Plate presents a drill which we hope will be of use to fastpitch coaches.

This week's drill is called "Four Corners" and was submitted by Rick Zimmerman, head coach at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Equipment Needed: Balls and gloves.

Explanation of Drill: No. 1. Coach hits ground balls to fielder at second base. Fielder at second base throws the ball to first base and sprints to third base to get in line to field.
No. 2. First baseman, who catches ball from second base, throws the ball to third base and then sprints to second base to get into fielding line.
No. 3. Third baseman receives throw from first base and sprints home to hand the ball to coach. When coach hits ball to second base, the player who handed the ball to the coach sprints to first base (just like beating out a ground ball). After she touches first base, she gets in fielder's line at first base.
No. 4. If we make three throwing errors and we don't catch it, the whole team does five push-ups.