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Fastpitch Drill: Practicing in the "Frozen North".

In the frozen north, we have only a good five months to play our sport on the outdoor diamonds.

The majority of the training is spent indoors preparing for the season. One of the indoor drills that I have found very effective is as follows:

Drill: Catchers indoor practice. Equipment: five indoor softballs, two home plates, two sets of full catching gear.

Setup: Place home plates 60 feet apart. Catcher one assumes set position behind one of the home plates. Catcher two assumes position to receive ball in front of the second home plate, facing catcher one. Coach places balls in front of catcher one in a random patter. Upon command, catcher one moves out, takes the closest ball and throws to catcher two, who takes the throw and applies an imaginary tag.

This is repeated until all five balls have been used. Repeat the drill, using catcher two throwing.

Variation: Third player is utilized to toss balls out from behind the catcher.