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NFCA Announces Debut of BATS Testing at 2011 Recruiting Camps

BATSSTARKVILLE, Miss. – The National Fastpitch Coaches Association is pleased to announce that all participants attending a 2011 NFCA Administered Recruiting Camp will take part in the next level of baseball/softball athlete skill evaluation, the Baseball/Softball Athletic Testing System or BATS. 

BATS is a comprehensive battery of skill evaluations developed by Dr. Frank Spaniol, a world-renowned baseball and softball researcher and Professor of Kinesiology at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. Designed using the latest in sport science and technology, the goal of BATS is to assist softball and baseball players in achieving maximum performance and to provide college coaches with a uniform method of evaluating the athleticism of potential recruits. 

Since it was announced earlier this year, BATS has already begun to receive high praise from some of the most respected coaches in the country. “There has always been a void in the testing consistency and effectiveness in predicting performance levels on the field and I believe the BATS program is the best system in place to finally get our sport on the same page across the country and across all skill levels,” said Oregon State head coach Kirk Walker. 

The BATS battery of tests is comprised of a series of individual tests designed to measure nine specific areas of an athlete’s physical/softball performance. The nine areas measured are body composition, muscular strength, power, rotational power, agility, speed, throwing velocity, bat speed and batted ball velocity. 

For a complete description of each BATS test, please click here

Both athletes and coaches will have the opportunity to compare their BATS scores, which they will receive on camp day, to the averages of both high school and NCAA athletes, as well as see in what percentile their scores fall. 

After camp, athletes will have opportunity to visit a website run by Dr. Spaniol and have their scores analyzed. For a small fee, Dr. Spainol will provide an in-depth analysis of the raw scored and present the athlete with a plan for improvement in each deficient area. 

To view a chart containing the norms for BATS, please click here

BATS will only be available at NFCA Administered Recruiting camps and not at NFCA Endorsed Recruiting Camps. While only administered camps will feature BATS, a high-level physical and athletic evaluation is provided at every NFCA Recruiting Camp. For a full list of 2011 NFCA Recruiting Camps, click here

For more information on BATS and general questions regarding all NFCA Recruiting Camps, please contact Hildred Deese at (662) 320-2155 or by email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .