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Fastpitch Drill: Get A Jump

Name of Drill: Get a Jump.

Equipment Needed: Three balls, three coaches to throw.

Explanation of Drill: In this drill, we use all our outfielders and our middle infielders. We divide them equally in the three outfield positions with a coach or other player with each group. The coach is approximately 15 to 20 feet away from the player line and tosses the ball like a popup or fly in the appropriate area relative to the type of catch we are working on. Each player makes three catches of each type described below, then sprints to the next outfield position until she has completed all the catches in each of the three outfield positions.

Types of Catches:

1. Drop step angle left.

2. Drop step angle right.

3. Drop step straight back left.

4. Drop step straight back right.

5. No look react.

6. Dive and catch.

Rationale: The drill improves footwork, which in turn lowers reaction time. The drill teaches proper glove positioning for easiest catch. Our players take pride in making diving catches. They practice it and enjoy it.

Note: You can use colored or numbered balls to aid concentration on the ball.