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Fastpitch Drill: Angle Throwing

Equipment Needed: Empty buckets, balls, two protective screens

Explanation of Drill: During softball practices, many players warm up throwing and taking ground balls as if they are going to throw straight ahead. Yet almost all throws are at angles in softball. We try to simulate these angle throws by warming up at the appropriate angles. We try to pair up our 2B, SS and 3B with a 1B or pitcher. 2B works on 60 to 90 degree angle throws. SS works mainly on 45 degree angle throws. 3B works on 45 to 60 degree angle throws. Players warm up close together and move back until they are warmed up properly. Extra players are then used to roll ground balls to the positions. The position players throw to 1B, working on footwork and correct angles. We use this drill before games as well.