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Cathi Aradi

NCAA Teleconference For Softball Rules and Officiating Information

The National Collegiate Athletic Association will conduct a three-hour teleconference for softball rules and officiating information on Saturday, January 22, 2000, at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

If you are not able to view the teleconference via satellite or via the internet, please call 888/388-9748 to order your copy of the 2000 NCAA Softball Rules Teleconference.

Topics scheduled to be covered include rules changes, NCAA softball umpire improvement program, and tough calls/mechanics. A question and answer session will follow. Anyone wishing to participate in the question and answer portion of the program is invited to call 1-800-289-0436.

Satellite Coordinates GALAXY 7, TRANSPONDER 2 (C-Band Satellite) Downlink Frequency 3740 MHz(v)

Audio Frequency 6.2/6.8 mixed program.


This can be accessed only by a steerable or moveable c-band satellite dish, not KU Band satellite, DSS Primestar, USSB, Channel One, Cable TV, DirecTV, Whittle Communications, etc. The troubleshoot numbers are 317/633-7410 and 317/633-7413 and are accessible only on the day of the broadcast. This satellite feed will not be scrambled. Satellite test bars will be shown 30 minutes prior to broadcast.

Anyone with questions about the broadcast should call R. Wayne Burrow,assistant director of championships, at 317/917-6222. Questions about satellite coordinates should be directed to Jo Jo Rinebold, director of broadcast services, at 317/917-6222.

This videoconference can be taped, edited and distributed but not sold

In order to view this program via the internet, you will need to do a "pre-flight" test BY THURSDAY, JANUARY 20. In order to do the pre-flight test, you must click here.

If you have questions or encounter any difficulty during your pre-flight test, click here or contact Rodney O'Byrne at (206) 674-6025.

To view the program on the day of the teleconference, click here.

A question and answer period will be available on the internet feed at the conclusion of the teleconference.

If you have technical difficulties with the internet feed on the day of the teleconference, contact 888/228-3796 and ask for technical support.

If you have any additional questions prior to the teleconference, please call 317/917-6222 and ask for R. Wayne Burrow (Assistant Director of Championships) or JoJo Rinebold (Director of Broadcast Services).