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Softball Coaching Bible


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Fastpitch Drill: Around The Horn

Catcher and infielders take their positions. The coach is the batter and other players take turns as runners.

When the coach hits a grounder to any infielder, the runner leaves home for first and rounds all bases back to home. The infielder who holds the ball throws the ball to the catcher, who throws it back to that fielder.

The fielder then throws the ball to first. The first baseman throws to second, the second baseman throws to third and the third baseman throws home.

The object is for the fielders to try to beat the runner home. As the drill progresses, give the baserunners a head start to put more pressure on the infielders.

The infielders must rotate to cover bases, depending on who fields the grounder (shortstop covers third if third fields the grounder, etc.).