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"1900" Bug hits the NFCA Competition Calendar - Sort of

It's "sort of" a bug, but we'll have to pin this one on fumbling fingers. Several Sports Information Directors from NFCA member schools have inquired with the NFCA Webmaster as to why the calendar dates they just entered are not showing up in the individual calendars and on NFCA Today when the event is supposed to take place. We've found the bug. Submitters are typing "1900" instead of "2000" for the year in a couple of very important fields on the form, most notibly the "Beginning Date" and "Ending Date" field on the form. Approximately 300 records exist on the "Competition Calendar" database alone that show this problem and since the Calendar database sorts records based on the Beginning date, a date of "1900" is immediately and always in the distant past and will not show up on the calendar. You should check to see if your calendar dates appear on all the calendars (General, Competition, and Radio-TV Log) and if they are not listed, then you've almost certainly been bitten by the "1900" bug.