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Fastpitch Drill: Bunting/Fielding

Pitcher positions herself halfway between the plate and the mound, and pitches on one knee. Catcher, first baseman, second baseman and third baseman are in their regular positions. The shortstop is not needed for the beginning of this drill.

Batter bunts the ball and runs to first base. First baseman, third baseman or catcher must field the bunt and throw the runner out. Pitcher does not field the bunt since she is throwing from one knee. This makes the catcher communicate with the other fielders on fielding the bunt. The second baseman covers first base.

You can also put your shortstop in position with a runner on first and go from there. Not only are you practicing bunt situations and communcation in the field, you're also practicing bunting.

Rotate players as you see fit. Also, change pitchers for different speeds.